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Play Popular Songs

Want to play the piano and turn heads? I thought so. Join Today and you'll get access to the song library, which is updated often with new tutorials. Have fun following along with the video lessons and you'll be playing your favorite songs tonight! Don't worry - my lessons are slow, in-depth and we cater to all abilities, including complete beginners.

5 New Lessons Every Week

In addition to my song lessons, you’ll be playing by ear, reading sheets, and improvising your own unique blend of awesome music that will astound your friends & family! They’ll be asking to hear more! You’ll play different styles of music that you enjoy like Pop, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Classical, and more.

Sheets, Tools & Resources

Video lessons come with necessary learning materials, such as sheet music, audio tracks, and lesson guides. Each lesson also has a direct 'ask a question' button so that all questions and answers are documented for everyone to see. These tools will help you learn and master a song or technique faster, privately at your own pace.

PianoKeyz Community Forum

As a member, you’ll be able to interact with other members and even Ryan Jones, your instructor! You can ask lesson questions and get answers direct from Ryan. You can even post a video link to your playing to get personalized feedback. Perhaps the best part is that as a member, you can make direct requests for what lessons you would like to see added to the schedule, including songs!

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