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Frequently Asked Questions

How many new lessons does PianoKeyz add per month?

We aim to add 10-20 new lessons per month! Our schedule shows our members upcoming lesson topics and the date & time for each lesson. All of our lessons will remain in the lesson archives for members, meaning that you will always be able to go back and watch every lesson that we’ve ever done.

How long is each PianoKeyz lesson?

The lessons on a specific topic or style of playing range anywhere from 15-30 minutes while the popular song tutorials tend to be 40-60 minutes because you'll learn each specific part of the song.

Can absolute beginners learn on PianoKeyz?

We categorize all of our lessons into beginner, intermediate, or advanced. We want all skill levels (including complete beginners) to vastly improve and succeed with our lessons, so the answer is absolutely yes. We also have students in all age ranges to from eight years old to eighty!

Do you have any endorsements?

Yes! Apart from being a YouTube partner and receiving a silver play button (currently over 450,000 YouTube Subscribers to our free lessons), we have been reviewed and featured by some of the top piano lesson review sites including TopTenReviews and DoomSquadMusic!

How much does the PianoKeyz Online Membership cost?

With our current trial promotion, you can access all of our lessons for 30 days for $0.99. We hope that you'll love all of our general theory lessons and popular song tutorials. If you don't like our highly rated video lessons and are concerned about ongoing monthly costs , you can cancel during your first 30-day trial by sending us a message via support to not automatically continue the monthly membership of $297. If you'd like to stick with our lessons long term but don't want monthly renewals, please inquire about a one-time cost for a lifetime membership. Alternatively, you can try our free lessons on YouTube which are not as in-depth and are much faster, nor do they offer Q&A service or custom requests.

Your monthly lessons cost seems high? Are you legitimate?

We offer one of the top-rated piano instructors in the world and teach popular lessons and highly sought after song tutorials. We also give you access to all previous lessons. Traditional lessons with other teachers usually charge around $40 per hour and do not teach popular songs, nor offer custom song and other general lesson requests. Our monthly cost keeps a smaller amount of students in our monthly membership so that we can focus on you by providing quick answers and help with lessons and the ability to perform custom tutorials upon request.

I'm having trouble logging in after resetting password from validation Email.

Your default login username is your first and last name with a space in between. If your name is Emily Jones, login with this username: Emily Jones (then try your originally created password and disregard the validation Email).

Can you review a video of me playing the piano?

Absolutely! In our forum, members can post a video link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) of their playing and the instructor Ryan Jones will review it and possibly even feature it in one of our student review lessons.

Can I watch the lessons on my iPad, iPhone, or other smart device?

Yes. Our videos are the popular mp4 format which means that they will play on all of your Apple or Android devices.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with any major debit/credit card on our site (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), or you may pay via a PayPal account. If choosing PayPal, you will temporarily redirect off of our site onto the PayPal server to complete payment.

Is it safe to use my credit card when ordering from this website?

Yes, we take security very seriously. We use the highest grade of SSL security which means that your connection to our payment page is 100% encrypted.

Can I cancel my membership?

Members may change their mind and cancel easily at any time. Due to our award-winning piano lessons, we find that 95% of our members decide to continue their membership each month. But if you do decide to leave us, simply login to your paypal account to cancel the subscription created through them, or send us an email if you paid by card through our site. No hassle!

I love PianoKeyz! Can I leave a testimonial somewhere?

We love hearing from you. Please send us a message here to leave your testimonial. Please include your name, picture, and hometown if you would like to be featured on our site. We constantly listen to feedback from our members because we always strive to get better.

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