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Here is the schedule of our upcoming videos:

Instructor Date Time Type Topic
Ryan Jones July 24th Just Released Songs - Beginner "Happy" - Pharrell Williams
Ryan Jones July 26th Just Released Songs - Intermediate "Titanium" - David Guetta
Ryan Jones July 28th Just Released Lessons - Intermediate Coordination Exercise
Ryan Jones July 31st 7:00 P.M MT Songs - Advanced Downton Abbey Suite Theme
Ryan Jones August 3rd 4:00 PM MT Songs - Intermediate See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
Ryan Jones August 5th 7 P.M ET Lessons - Intermediate Figure out chords by ear
Ryan Jones August 8th 3 P.M ET Lessons - Intermediate Improvising Arpeggios and Melody
Ryan Jones August 10th 1:00 PM MT Lessons - All Levels Beauty and The Beast Prologue
Ryan Jones August 12th 5:00 PM ET Song - Intermediate Top Rated Student Request
Ryan Jones August 14th 9:00 PM ET Songs - Advanced Top Rated Student Request

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